Patient Reviews

Kathy S.

Recently Treated TMJ Patient

"Thank You.... for providing me a pain-free life...."

"Dear Dr. Grill, Thank you so much for your talents to put my jaw back in order. You are a gift this field and especially to your patients. Your work has restored my happiness in life with providing me a pain-free life. So for that, you have my un-ending gratitude!"



Recently Treated TMJ Patient

Just wanted to thank you again for finding out my problem and helping with the solution. You don't realize how much pain you were able to get rid of!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tom S.

TMJ Patient

“I was referred to Dr Robert Grill for issues concerning severe jaw pain and associated dental issues in 2010.
I have found Dr Grill to be extremely knowledgeable and talented in his field, and proceeded with a series of treatments, including surgery, to correct what had turned into a lifelong problem.
Dr Grill is professional, yet very personable, and his staff are friendly, always willing to listen and they have a genuine concern their patients.
There are not many who actually “like” going to “The Dentist”. I can honestly say, thanks to Dr Grill, this is not a dreaded experience for me anymore. I smile when I enter his office and smile when my appointment is done, and there is laughter in between. I recommend him highly.”

Tom P,

TMJ Patient

“My wife has suffered through periods of TMJ pain for decades and during some periods the pain was debilitating. When it returned a few years ago and she found that frequent physical therapy sessions were not sufficient to manage her pain, she made an appointment at Johns Hopkins Hospital. After reviewing her condition, they referred her to Dr. Robert Grill. He started with comprehensive diagnostic testing and an extensive evaluation of the results. His detailed presentation of the issues and the related implications was truly enlightening. He described the non-surgical treatment process that he proposed. We agreed and once the process started, the pain quickly began to subside. By the time his treatment was completed, all jaw, head, neck and shoulder pain was gone. For the first time in more than 30 years she is free of all TMJ pain. The result has been life-changing.”